Simple Reboot

Make reboots great again - one restart at a time

Slim Launcher

Minimalistic launcher


Display screen time statistics

System usage stats

View usage statistics from system


A minimalistic one-touch app switcher

Net Monitor (Privacy Friendly)

Shows network connections of installed apps

Light Android Launcher

Hoplite Polytonic Greek Keyboard

A keyboard extension which allows the user to type in Polytonic Greek


Delete/disable GApps


USB GPS Provider for Android


Check the battery status of your AirPods


The QR code scanner/generator that cares about your privacy

CPU Info

Information about device hardware and software

Zorin Connect

Connect your Zorin OS computer with your device

WaveUp Tasker Plugin

Use this simple Tasker plugin to enable/disable WaveUp at will.

Share to Clipboard

A way to copy to clipboard straight from the share menu!


Calculate hash checksums of files


Manage remote downloads


Foxy Droid

Yet another F-Droid client

SMS Gate

Backup all your SMS to an IMAP server or a local folder

SDK Monitor

Display and monitor the targetSDK from installed apps


🔦 Simple & Privacy-Friendly Flashlight App

Emerald Launcher

Simple custom home screen


Color scheme generation based on app icon

DontKillMyApp ✌️ Make apps work

The official DontKillMyApp app is here - make apps finally work properly even if

SimpleAppDowngrader [ROOT]

Downgrades installed apps with an apk-file

Quickly quit

Quickly quit what you were doing

Private DNS Quick Tile

Quickly toggle and configure Private DNS on Android 9.0+

Aurora Store

A Google Playstore Client