Launcher for eInk/eBook devices

Yalp Store (fork)

Download apks from Google Play Store


Manually override the headphone jack detection

F-Droid Privileged Extension OTA

Services to allow F-Droid to securely install and update apps

F-Droid Privileged Extension

Services to allow F-Droid to securely install and update apps


Remap the home button long press


Turns off the WIFI based on scan result


View bandwith usage

Phone Saver

Save files via Share menu

NoAd Battery Calibrator [ROOT]

Removes old battery configurations to fix software related issues

Screenshot Assistant

An assistant app for creating, cropping and sharing screenshots

Private Lock

Lock your phone from its movement force

Private Location

Keep your phone location private


Android Logcat without Root

Essential Launcher

A very small launcher with all essential functionality

OmniROM Changelog

View recent changes of OmniROM/LineageOS

Night Mode

Enable Night Mode from tile

Rootless Pixel Launcher

Launcher3 with Pixel Launcher features

Calendar Notifications

Advanced calendar notifications

LaunchTime Homescreen

An easy and customizable categorizing homescreen/launcher


Launch Termux commands from the homescreen

Power Button

Turn off your device without clicking hardware button

Adaptive Brightness Tile

Quick settings tile for adaptive brightness

Simple Cleanup

Clean unneeded files with one click

WiFi Manager

Manages your device's WiFi based on your location

/r/Android App store

Download apps curated by /r/android

Zim Launcher

Powerful launcher with smart features to make your device easy to use


Set an initial volume after boot


Lightweight and functional screen recorder

Simple sms remote

Control your device by sending text messages