Track Work Time

Track your work time

Personal Stuff

App used to track, manage and remind you of your own stuff.

Fourth Tools

Useful tools app

Al-Azan - Prayer Times

Privacy-first ad-free open-source Adhan app built using react-native.

Tempus Romanum

Latin date generator with a widget

Octal Sun Time

A solar clock in the octal number system


A simple, multi-purpose counter app

Casio G-Shock Smart Sync

Add smart functions to your Casio square BT G-Shock (B5600, B5000)

Everyday Tasks

Manage your tasks, everyday


Sunlight and moonlight times (and alarms)


Subscribe to Webcal (.ics) calendars

Open TimeLimit

Simply limit the usage duration


Flexibly limit the usage duration

Record Time Droid

Record date and time to manage times to tasks

Bits & Bäume 2022 Schedule

The conference for digitization and sustainability

Time Clock

Keep track of the time you spend doing the things you want with this app

Cuppa - Tea Timer

Time your tea as it steeps

Vacation Days

See when you’re free — Vacation Days helps you keep track of your days off.


Plees Tracker is a simple sleep tracker for your Android phone.

LibreOffice 2022 Schedule

Program app for the LibreOffice Conference 2022

Datenspuren 2022

Schedule for the Datenspuren conference at Zentralwerk Dresden

36C3 Schedule

Conference program app for the Chaos Communication Congress

Birthday Countdown

An App counting down to your next birthday!


An essential meditation timer

Todo List (PFA)

Keep a list of tasks


Alarm reminders which delete themselves automatically after firing.

Cofi - Brew Timer

Open source coffee brew timer


Shift Calendar


Minimalist and reliable Pomodoro® Technique timer

HOPE 2022

Program app for the HOPE conference 2022