Open Source Task Management.

Neo2 External Keyboard

Supports the Neo2-Layout when using a physical keyboard.

Text Fairy

An OCR App

Lesser Pad

Simple memo pad

World Scribe

Help story writers with fictional world-building


Minimal memo/note app with only one note possible.

Keyboard Switcher

Keyboard Switcher, several ways to easily change the keyboard


A simple, bare-bones, no-frills note taking app


A game that helps to create better descriptions for words


Single line notes

Full colemak

Keyboard with International Colemak layout

Kolab Notes

Write notes and sync them with Kolab

Personal Log

Write and view personal logs with a custom template.

Grocery manager

Manage your groceries

Hibi 「日々」

An app to help you learn Japanese by keeping a journal

OI Shopping list

Keep track of your shopping items


Data entry app for the field record LASK

Libre Ipsum

Generate non-sense texts: Lorem Ipsum


Store encrypted notes


Navigate FragDenStaat

To Do List

AnySoftKeyboard: Czech

Language pack for AnySoftKeyboard

My Notes - Take notes anywhere

Very simple note-taking

Retro Text Editor

Edit text files

Czech Diacritic Keyboard

With caron and acute keys

Post Writer

A writing app for the true minimalist

Mozc for Android

Japanese Input Method Editor

Shopping List

Create and manage shopping lists


Minimal presentation tool, Takahashi method with technical upgrades


Seven column CBT thought journal