F-Droid is both a repository of verified free software Android apps as well as a whole “app store kit”, providing all the tools needed to setup and run an app store. It is a community-run free software project developed by a wide range of contributors. It also includes complete build and release tools for managing the process of turning app source code into published builds.

The F-Droid server tools provide various scripts and tools that are used to maintain the main F-Droid application repository. You can use these same tools to create your own additional or alternative repository for publishing, or to assist in creating, testing and submitting metadata to the main repository.

Getting Started

  • FAQ - General Frequently Asked Questions about F-Droid
  • FAQ - Client Frequently Asked Questions about how to use the F-Droid app in Android.
  • Get F-Droid How to get started using F-Droid.
  • Anti-Features What they are, what they mean, and what apps have them.
  • Tutorials Step-by-step tutorials on features in F-Droid

More Information

  • Code of Conduct How to behave when communicating within F-Droid.
  • How to Help Different ways anyone can contribute to the F-Droid project.
  • Running on old Android versions A list of F-Droid releases for no longer supported Android versions.
  • Known Repositories A list that tries to keep track of known F-Droid compatible repositories.
  • Release Channels and Signing Keys These are the various channels that F-Droid software are released on, with info to verify them based on signing keys.
  • Security Model A brief explanation of how F-Droid delivers software to users securely.
  • Repomaker A user-friendly tool for managing custom repos
  • Translation and Localization How all the parts of F-Droid are localized.
  • Tips & Tricks A collection of useful tips and tricks that make life around F-Droid easier.
  • All our APIs Public API endpoints for data about, repos, mirrors, Android, Gradle, and more
  • Wiki For everything else that people want to document.
  • Take-Down Requests Our policy about requesting the removal of apps or content from