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Trust, Privacy, and Free Software

We all put a lot of trust into our devices, more and more of our lives are run out of our phones and laptops. The communications we send to each other contain the most sensitive bits that we convey with our devices. The experience we all have when using these...

Decentralizing Localizations

App development is already well decentralized, and when F-Droid introduced metadata localization, we also made it possible to manage translations and graphics outside of F-Droid itself. Two tools, Fastlane and Triple-T, even provide a way to sync those between the app source repo, F-Droid, and Google Play. Using Weblate for...

Privacy Preserving Analytics

F-Droid always avoids tracking users as much as we can. We will never require an account, and we have put a lot of effort into making it hard for even the server to track users. We also recognize that usage data has value. It can be used to help...

TWIF 50: First Twitch app in F-Droid

This Week In F-Droid 50, Week 14, 2019 In this edition: Twire is the first Twitch app to arrive in F-Droid. There are 4 new and 66 updated apps.

TWIF 49: The AnySoftKeyboard and Transdroid Torrent Search edition

This Week In F-Droid 49, Week 13, 2019 In this edition: Miscellaneous F-Droid work, AnySoftKeyboard and Transdroid Torrent Search updated. There are 7 new and 76 updated apps.

The Latest Tab now highlights good descriptions

In the F-Droid Android client, the Latest Tab is a place for F-Droid to showcase apps that pay extra attention to communicating to users. With the upcoming 1.6 release, the Latest Tab will now only show apps that meet certain criteria. The goal is to point users to apps where...

TWIF 48: migration

This Week In F-Droid 48, Week 12, 2019 In this edition: The website migration effort is underway, and odds-and-ends. There are 6 new and 82 updated apps.

TWIF 46 and 47: Android SDK in Debian Buster and more website translations

This Week In F-Droid 47, Week 11, 2019 In this edition: App summary translations, looking for maintainer, android SDK in Debian Buster accepted, more languages on the F-Droid website and odds and ends. There are 21 new and 151 updated apps.