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Dropping old TLS on Android

Transport Layer Security (TLS) is the protocol that powers most of the internet these days. It gives HTTPS the S for “Secure”. F-Droid uses it to keep the connection to repos private. After many years of slow updates and an increasing number of vulnerabilities, there is finally critical mass to...

Two new ways to get apps nearby, without internet

There are many reasons why it is often better to do things without the internet:your data plan is expensive, there is limited coverage in the area, there is an internet outage or shutdown, or even something is private and should not be online at all. Or even, if you are...

Panic app uninstall and repo reset

Sometimes we have things on our devices that are very sensitive, so much so that we need to completely hide or delete them in emergencies. F-Droid already supports receiving PanicKit triggers to make F-Droid hide itself. F-Droid v1.7 adds more alpha features to expand the range of options of...

Public Money, Public Code!

Our everyday lives depend on public infrastructure. Roads, bridges, water supplies, schools, hospitals, etc. enable modern civilization. Most European countries have a long and successful history of funding public infrastructure with public money.

Governments are spending vast amounts of money on software, but they hardly contribute any public digital infrastructure....

Trust, Privacy, and Free Software

We all put a lot of trust into our devices, more and more of our lives are run out of our phones and laptops. The communications we send to each other contain the most sensitive bits that we convey with our devices. The experience we all have when using these...

Decentralizing Localizations

App development is already well decentralized, and when F-Droid introduced metadata localization, we also made it possible to manage translations and graphics outside of F-Droid itself. Two tools, Fastlane and Triple-T, even provide a way to sync those between the app source repo, F-Droid, and Google Play.


Privacy Preserving Analytics

F-Droid always avoids tracking users as much as we can. We will never require an account, and we have put a lot of effort into making it hard for even the server to track users. We also recognize that usage data has value. It can be used to...

TWIF 50: First Twitch app in F-Droid

This Week In F-Droid 50, Week 14, 2019 Feed

In this edition: Twire is the first Twitch app to arrive in F-Droid. There are 4 new and 66 updated apps.