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Adding React Native Apps to F-Droid

React Native is a popular open-source app development framework that makes it easy to build cross-platform applications using the platform’s native UI components. This makes it an ideal choice for developers building apps for all platforms.

That’s why we chose it when we started working on the new

Publishing an F-Droid Repo using a Hardware Security Module

The following is a tutorial for publishing apps through F-Droid using a hardware security module (HSM). The HSM used in this post is a Nitrokey HSM2. Other hardware tokens should have similar functionality, but you’ll have to use different commands for interacting with the HSM.

Storing signing keys in...

Happy 10 Years of F-Droid!

10 years ago today, Ciaran Gultnieks posted the first blog post on 1, kicking off 10 years of bringing free software to Android. From early on, F-Droid also had a strong commitment to privacy and marked Anti-Features to help users choose software that most respects the users. Thanks to...

Donations with Free Software

When F-Droid started back in 2010, there were no free software options for donations. So we used the standard proprietary services, and received enough donations to keep things running. Thank you for your continued support over the years! In recent years, two solid free software funding platforms have been established:...

.yml is the only metadata format, the others will be removed

Back in September, we announced that the F-Droid ecosystem is moving fully to YAML formats. That means the old .txt custom metadata format as well as the JSON metadata format will be entirely removed from all the tools, like fdroidserver. The upcoming 2.0 release of fdroidserver will only...

Android updates and TLS connections

Android device vendors are known for their short support periods. They only provide updates for a limited time or even ship devices with old Android versions. Developers then have to deal with a fragmented distribution of Android versions. Android 4.x is still used by around 2% of the active devices...

Big Website Update

We have just completed a big overhaul of the website that makes it run smoother, handle translations better, and it much easier to build and customize. The whole process was updated to run in Debian/buster using only Debian packages, while keeping the standard Ruby methods working. That makes it easy...

F-Droid is a Key Source for Academics and Researchers

We rarely hear from academics and researchers, but we know that F-Droid is important to their work because they cite F-Droid as a source in so many papers: