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TWIF 45: Localization improvements and faster news

This Week In F-Droid 45, Week 09, 2019 Feed

In this edition: Localization improvements in the F-Droid repository, F-Droid News section is splitting off, german article on how to have your own F-Droid repository, and Calendar Notifications Plus unpublished from Play Store. There are 2 new...

TWIF 44: Mirror, mirror on the wall

This Week In F-Droid 44, Week 08, 2019 Feed

In this edition: Mirror work in F-Droid 1.6 alpha 1, new blog on Planet F-Droid, submission queue maintenance, and part 4 of Izzy’s F-Droid series published in print. There are 7 new and 35 updated apps.

TWIF 43: The Android Rebuilt edition (alpha)

This Week In F-Droid 43, Week 07, 2019 Feed

In this edition: First alpha of android-rebuilds is up, F-Droid performance and Izzy triaging. There are 15 new and 69 updated apps.

TWIF 42: The Packaging Marathon Edition

This Week In F-Droid 42, Week 06, 2019 Feed

In this edition: Help needed with Debian Android Tools and Requests for Packaging marathon. There are 45 new and 98 updated apps.

TWIF 41: The Third Reproducible App Edition

This Week In F-Droid 41, Week 05, 2019 Feed

In this edition: Stringlate discontinued, part 2 of Izzy’s F-Droid series is now online in German and androDNS: Third reproducible app in F-Droid. There are 16 new and 107 updated apps.

TWIF 40: The NewPipe Broken Builds edition

This Week In F-Droid 40, Week 04, 2019 Feed

In this edition: NewPipe and broken builds, and more than 5000 followers on Mastodon. There are 20 new and 71 updated apps.


This Week In F-Droid 38, Week 02, 2019 Feed

In this edition: F-Droid 1.5.1 is the recommended version, firewall apps in the spotlight. There are 3 new and 77 updated apps.

F-Droid at 35c3

The 35th Chaos Communications Congress (35c3) ended about two weeks ago, and F-Droid was well represented there. Indeed, tons of free software projects and communities were there. Starting with the F-Droid Meetup on the first day, there were frequent events and impromptu meetups between F-Droid core team, contributors, and...