See what launches at boot


Live wallpaper with a happy llama

Baby Care Timer

Know when to feed the baby

Baby Sleep Sounds

Play sounds to help babies sleep


Findout your future baby name


Manage RUN_IN_BACKGROUND permissions

Bad Pixel Detector

Check your device on pixel failures by plain screens in 8 colors, black & white

Badge Magic

Create Symbols and Text on LED Name Badges using Bluetooth


Widget that shows the value of a given ussd code


Controller for a robot


Replace your phone's interface with a big, simple and friendly one


Bandcamp client


Swedish banking client

Bankomat Card Infos

Read bank card via NFC

Bankomat Card Infos 2

Read bank card via NFC

Barcode Box 2

Barcode scan history

Barcode Scanner

Scan barcodes on products, or barcodes containing URLs, contact info, and so on


Generates barcodes with the zbar library


VoIP User Agent app for Android based on baresip SIP library


Backup And Restore Installed Apps

Barnacle Wifi Tether

Ad-hoc WiFi Access Point

BART Runner

Timetables for trains in the U.S.

BasketBuild Downloader

Download roms from

Batch Uninstaller

Uninstall multiple applications at once

Bats! HIIT

Practice high intensity interval training

Battery Charge Limit

Stops charging at a desired level

Battery Circle

Battery info in the status bar

Battery Dog

Battery level logger

Battery Level

See the battery level

Battery level

Filter SMS and show them in a fake app