Cache Cleaner

Clean the cache

Caffeine Tile

Keep your device from sleeping


A calculator for your quick calculations.


Make calculations

Calculator (old)

Make calculations

Calculator Notification

Move your Calculator into the notification drawer


Calculate logitudinal one-dimensional pressure profiles in vacuum pipes

Calendar Color

Change the calendar color

Calendar ICS adapter

Import and export calendar files

Calendar Import-Export

Import, Export & Backup your calendars using ics files

Calendar Notifications

Advanced calendar notifications

Calendar Trigger

Trigger actions on calendar events


Medication management made easy

Call Recorder

Simple call recorder, no ads, open-source

Calliope mini

Flash scripts on the calliope mini

Calyx VPN

Free VPN Service offered by The Calyx Institute


Use your camera as background


A camera with flash, zoom and no ads.

Camera Roll

Fast and intuitive Gallery replacement with cropping, EXIF editor, file manager

Camp 2019

Schedule app for the Chaos Communication Camp 2019


Camera timer

Candy Memory

Match-two memory game

Capitole du Libre

Schedule browser for the Capitole du Libre

Car Cast

Simple podcast downloader

Car Report

Track your car costs


Casual game made with Libgdx

card10 Companion

Companion App for the card10 Chaos Communication Camp badge.

Cardboard Museum

Periodically change wallpaper using Danbooru


Powerful note taking app with sync and online editor

Cat Avatar Generator

Generate cat avatars