Lightweight and minimalist notepad

Unpopular Music Player

A plain music player especially for classical music

Updater for Spotify

Download the latest version of Spotify


Cross platform password manager

Url forwarder

Save bookmarks

USB Device Info

List USB Devices

USB Mountr

Use your device as a USB flash drive

User-controlled decryption operations

Emulates a smart card and lets you control the decryption operations


Easiest way to run GNU/Linux Distros on Android - no root required


A SIP003 V2ray plugin

Vanilla Cover Fetch

Vanilla Music player Cover Fetch plugin

Vanilla Lyrics Search

Vanilla Music player Lyrics Search plugin

Vanilla Metadata Fetch

Vanilla Music player Metadata retrieval plugin

Vanilla Music

Listen to and manage songs

Vanilla Tag Editor

Vanilla Music player Tag Editor plugin


Engine recreation for Heroes of Might and Magic III


View the EPG and stream TV live from your VDR

Vector Camera

An app that applies real-time effects to the camera input

Vector Pinball

Pinball game

Vectorify da home!

Minimal app to apply wallpapers from vector images :)

Velocity Calculator

Calculate the speed of an object in a video

Verbiste Android

Conjugate French verbs


Edit geodata and contribute to OpenStreetMap project on-the-go


Generate colors from weather information

Video Transcoder

Video transcoding between common formats


Light and slick material design music player


A simple, safe and easy softKeys (navigation bar)


Use Xposed without root, unlock the bootloader or modify system image

Vitosha Blackjack

Another implementation of the popular game Blackjack


Helps you to make decisions