Birthday Adapter

Birthday Calendar Adapter

Birthday Calendar

Creates birthday events from all other calendar's data


Check your contacts birthdays


Simple Bitcoin wallet

Bitcoin Wallet

Store digital currency

Bitcoin Wallet [testnet3]

Testing version of Bitcoin


Encrypted communication for mere mortals(superheroes welcome, too).

Bits & Bäume 2018

The conference for digitization and sustainability

BitShares Wallet

Use Smartcoins like bitBTC, bitUSD & bitEUR in 22 languages w/QR codes & more

BK Doorlock

Binary Kitchen's Open Sesame

Blacklist Blocker

Block unwanted calls and/or SMS

BLE Peripheral Simulator

Try out Web Bluetooth without the need for a BLE Peripheral Device


Bluetooth Low Energy Explorer

Bliss Launcher

Launcher originally designed for /e/


Share content and notes via email

Blitzortung Lightning Monitor

Get an overview of the current thunderstorm situation

BlitzType Keyboard

Android custom keyboard with special keys for the WOT Blitz game. Custom keys fo


Block6 is an SMS app that makes it easy to block messages from numbers you don't


Tetris clone

Blockly for senseBox

Visual Programming of the senseBox:MCU via Blockly

Blokada v4 (ad blocker)

The ad blocker - battery efficient, fast, powerful and simple to use


Board game

Blue Minimal

Minimalistic CM12+ theme

Bluetooth terminal

Simple bluetooth terminal application. ASCII and hex. Opensource.

Bluetooth Viewer (LITE)

Bluetooth connection debugging tool

Bluez IME

Set up bluetooth controllers

Blurred Lines

Live wallpaper


Bitcoin wallet with Lightning Network support

BMI Calculator

Simple BMI calculator

BMI Calculator

Body Mass Index calculator