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A minimalistic weekly budgeting app.
New in version 1.6
When adjusting budget, current balance is no longer replaced by the new budget.
This is a budgeting app designed for people who have a set weekly budget.

If you set your weekly spending budget to $100, $100 would be added to your
available funds. Every time that you make a purchase, you subtract that
amount from your available funds. Every Sunday, another $100 would be added into
your available funds.

The intent of this app is to help the user keep track of their "fun-money", or money left
over after all necessary expenses have been paid. My philosophy is that, once you
have paid all fixed expenses, the money left over should be completely guilt-free.
To encourage this view, past purchases are purposefully omitted. I designed this for
my purposes specifically, but I hope that somebody else will find it useful!


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