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Quote... Unquote - a Quotes Widget

A simple App Widget featuring quality quotes.
New in version 2.5.3-fdroid
• De-duplication via SequenceMatcher ratio.
• Discover carefully chosen quotations from a diverse range of famous people:
• /r/quotes/top to Zsa Zsa Gabor
• Alain de Botton to Socrates
• Anonymous to Shakespeare
• ...and many more!
• Increase your self-esteem with some of the best quotations available.

Key features
• Twenty thousand, unique, high quality quotations.
• Configurable navigation.
• Favourites - share; export; sync across devices.
• Search - author / phrase.
• Notifications.
• Dark theme support.

Other items of interest
• Free & without Ads.
• Works offline.
• All quotations are in English.
• No analytics.
• No unusual permissions.
• Stable; supported Open Source software.


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