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Coordinate Joker

A geocaching add-on – generates waypoints from formulas with up to 2 variables
New in version 1.4.34
Version 1.4.34:

- Bugfix: Compatibility problem for Android < 8.0

Coordinate Joker is a geocaching add-on for application Locus Map, but works also with other apps that can display waypoints from a gpx, kml, or kmz file.

Finally you made it to the pre-final after 3 hours and several miles. A final number to be determined: Count the planks of the bridge ... Hey, where has the bridge gone?! It was replaced by a pipe beneath the ground. What now ...? Look up the logs for potential telephone jokers? No, then I'd rather draw a line in my map, where the final could be located given the formula and missing x ... But wait - Coordinate Joker will do it for you. Just enter the coordinate formulas and it will send the resulting waypoints to your preferred Geocaching app. With a bit of luck, one point will appear close to some path while the others may be far away. Then where would you look for the final? :)


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