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Ohms Now!

Helps you decode resistor colour bands
New in version v0.2.1-beta
Added colors.xml for Night mode, made the status bar black when in Night mode.
Ohms Now! is a simple app that helps you decode resistor colour bands.

Simply tap on each band to change its colour. Once you have set all the bands to match your resistor's colours, you can then read its value in the text field below.

By long pressing on a band, a popup menu shows up to let you choose the band's color.

You can swipe left/right to go to the previous/next E series value.

When in 5 band mode, tapping the '6' icon in the top right will enter into 6 band mode. Tapping the icon (which will have changed to a '5' icon) again will go back to 5 band mode.

There is now ceramic capacitor decoding with all the same features (long press for list, swipe for values) as with resistors.


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