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isUserAMonkey & isUserAGoat [curiosity]

The android sdk has strange functions called 'isUserAMonkey' and 'isUserAGoat'
New in version 1.0
V 1.0
- First release
Did you know that in the Android SDK there is a function called 'isUserAMonkey' and another called 'isUserAGoat'?

What are they? What do they do? With this app you can test them and learn a bit about their purpose.

As usual, this app is extremely small (less than a standard picture), totally free, contains no ads, has no permissions, and their sole purpose it to act as an interactive explanation of two strange easter eggs in the Android SDK.

The more you know.


App developed by TrianguloY (
The source code of the app is available on GitHub (
Special thanks to StackOverflow and for the detailed information.
The monkey emoji in the icon was extracted from the Noto Emoji font (



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