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A minimalist logger/tracker/journal
New in version 0.91
- now allows negative values
- there's no concept of "limit" anymore - only
default values
- ledger files are now represented only by timestamp
- other small fixes
- smaller codebase
NOTE: App repo is archived by dev. It is read-only for all users and it is no longer actively maintained.

A minimalist logger/tracker/journal

seshat is a simple and minimalist logger/journal which can keep track of
numerical values.

seshat can be used a wide range of purposes.
to learn more about the software and it's usages, please check out

* suckless in nature
* lightweight
* no ads/anti-features
* completely open-source
* completely hackable since the codebase is small
* designed with usability and efficiency in mind, rather than convenience
and eye-candyness

rationale for the lack of notification/notification-bar can be read here:

in a pool full of bloated software, please give this a try and spread the word!


made by biotstoiq, with love



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