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Learn reading (in french)

Learn to read in french (or learn french), adapted for west Africa's children.
These activities allow children to practice reading through various
exercises similar to those done at school during first or second grade.

The image bank used has been adapted (to the best of our ability)
to the cultural context of West Africa.

You will find activities such as:
* Associate a word with its image.
* Find the missing syllable of a word.
* Put in order the syllables or letters forming a word.
* Write the word (dictation).

The word sets are classified into 7 difficulty levels which follow the
usual progression of the teaching of reading: starting by simple syllables
(in P T M L R), then we go gradually towards more complex syllables.

These activities were created voluntarily as part of the Afrikalan Project,
which aims to make free educational software accessible in West Africa.
They are distributed free of charge and in a non-commercial manner,
under the terms of the GNU-GPL license.



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