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A steampunk roguelike dungeon crawling game.
New in version 0.11.0
Daggers have a longer range.
New building: church.
New dungeon: crypt under the church.
New weapon: Mjölnir.
New monsters: cherub (not friendly), skeleton, sentry scarab, nochort, plasus rat, Algerian giant locust.
New monster strategy: swarming.
New item: carrot.

Bug fixes:
- can no longer chat across walls and closed doors;
- more consistent clearing of action highlight markers (the red and green squares around actors);
- monster strategies now obey perception (with select rare exceptions).

Revengate is a Rogue-like dungeon crawler RPG set in a steampunk universe full of technology and magic.

Explore an alternate mid-19th century Lyon as an investigator for the mysterious Lux Co. organisation. Meet locals and investigate mysteries through role-playing and dungeon exploration.


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