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Find and mark every mine without triggering the mines
Privacy Friendly Minesweeper is a moblie version of the classic game Minesweeper.
The goal of the game is to find and mark every mine without triggering one of them.

You reveal a field by clicking on it. If that field contains a mine it is triggered
and the game is lost. Otherwise the field will show a number. That number will tell
you the amount of mines in the surreounding 8 fields. With that information and logical
thinking the mines can be located and marked.

The first field you click each game will not ba a mine. Each game will have a new
playing field with randomzed poisitioning of mines, so each game will be a new experience.
While the mines are mostly positioned randomly the first field clicked each game will not
have a mine, and four or more mines in adjacent fields will be avoided, since such clusters
increase the chance of situations that must me solved by guessing.

There are three different gamemodes represinting three difficulties. They differ in
playing field size and the amount of mines:

* 6x10 Playing Field with 7 Mines
* 10x16 Playing Field with 24 Mines
* 12x19 Playing Field with 46 Mines

In addition there is the option to create your own gamemode where the size of the playing
field (amount of rows and columns) and the proportion of mines (easy / medium / hard).

Up to 10 games can be saved and later continued. Your Performance for the three basic
gamemodes is collected and analyzed and can be viewed at the statistic page. There you
can check the number of games played, the ratio of won games, the average time of winning
games, the number of revealed fields and the 10 best times for each gamemode.

The app belongs to the Privacy Friendly Apps group developed by the research
group SECUSO at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.


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