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A free space eraser
New in version 1.5
* French translations by @Calvineries
A high performance free space eraser, the first on Android. Use before selling your device, after enabling encryption, or after deleting many apps/files.

  • Due to how flash drives work and the partition layout of devices, it'll never be possible to fully fill the drive.

  • Warning! Excessive use WILL destroy your device!

What is free space erasing?

  • Typically when you delete a file it is not really deleted, it is merely removed from the file system's index.

  • A free space eraser tool such as this one fills the remaining space of your drive with random noise files and then deletes them.

  • This process makes deleted files for the most part irrecoverable.

What is file table filling?

  • On some file systems, deleted file names can still be accessible in backup index databases.

  • By creating many tens or hundreds of thousands of empty files with different random names you can push out the old files.

  • This process makes deleted file names for the most part irrecoverable.



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