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A simple logic game: find the best path to delete every number in a square space
New in version 2.0.1
* Add multiplayer speed option
* Allow intallation on external storage
* Bug fixes

* Single player
* Multiplayer (vs CPU)
* Levels

How to play:

1- You are the red tile on a square board.

2- Swipe horizontally or vertically to move.

3- When you move you reduce tiles value in the direction you are going.

3a- The amount of this reduction is equal to your starting point tile value.

3b- But if the value of a tile would be equal to 1 or 2, there will be an increase instead of a decrease.

3c- Negative numbers become positive.

3d- If the value of a tile becomes equal to zero, starting tile value becomes zero too. Tiles have been "Deleted".

4- Deleted tiles cause an increase of your points.

5- The aim in single and multiplayer modes is to delete almost every tile (~75-90%) while trying to make the most points.

6- In multiplayer matches a player can win by deleting opponent's tile.


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