What You Can Do with F-Droid

F-Droid is an independent, community-sourced app store for Android that is completely free and open source software. Within F-Droid you can browse over 1,200 open source apps, search and install apps from created repositories, or create your own repository. Open f-droid.org on your Android device to download the app and get started!

Get more content.

To get more, add a repo to F-Droid. A repo is a collection of curated content. You can find out about people’s repos from them directly. Developers often link to their F-Droid repo from their website. Trainers often share links to repos over email, Facebook or Twitter.

Send and receive apps offline.

No internet? No problem. F-Droid Nearby gives you the ability to send and receive content to people in the same room.

Add your own apps and files.

Create your own customized repository of apps. Use F-Droid to distribute content. Trainers use repos to easily share a collection of resources and apps with participants at a training when there’s no reliable internet connection. Developers use repos to distribute their apps to niche audiences.