F-Droid Client 1.19 alpha and KDE Connect

TWIF generated on Thursday, 19 Oct 2023, Week 42

F-Droid core

F-Droid Client 1.19

F-Droid Client 1.19.0-alpha is almost here. You aren’t ready for this release; please prepare :) Some of the updates in this client release include:

  • Completely overhauled adding repositories and mirrors, both the user experience and the code
  • Preview repo contents before adding new repos
  • Include integrated QR scanner for adding new repos and mirrors
  • Use Session Installer on both F-Droid and F-Droid Basic, including support for automatic background updates
  • On Android 14, mark apps with unsupported Target SDK Version as incompatible #2692
  • Long click to copy Links, Permissions and Versions on App Details screen (@Tobias_Groza)
  • Incompatible apps are no longer shown anywhere when they are disabled #41 (@pigpig)
  • Include lysator7eknrfl47rlyxvgeamrv7ucefgrrlhk7rouv3sna25asetwid.onion as default mirror
  • Fix Litecoin button linking to Bitcoin address #2683 (@Tobias_Groza)

Community News

Google removes KDE Connect app installed via F-Droid

This past week, Google Play Protect removed KDE Connect from many users devices because it was installed via F-Droid. The developer tried for days to reach out to the support team at Google to get the issue fixed. You can follow their struggle here.

To learn more about this. please check out this article (in German, links to Reddit discussion in English).

Removed Apps

3 apps were removed

It is sad to report that Dash Electrum and Retroshare are no longer in the official F-Droid Repository. But they’ll be the F-Droid Archive Repository for the foreseeable future. The reason for this is that they are not maintained anymore and are affected by the libwebcp CVE vulnerability as we reported in last week’s TWIF.

Private Location was also removed as was no longer functioning and development has stopped years ago, as reported in #3096.

Newly Added Apps

2 apps were newly added

Updated Apps

86 apps were updated

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