LTE Cleaner

Limpador del sistema

SuperFreezZ Detener apps

Congela por completo todas las actividades de fondo de las apps.


Fork mejorado de FreeOTP-Android que proporciona un autenticador 2FA con muchas

F-Droid Nearby

Exchange free software apps locally, device-to-device, even without internet!


El repositorio de aplicaciones que respeta la libertad y la privacidad


Companion app to EngineDataLogger ECU software.

App Manager - Android package manager

A full-featured open source package manager for android.


Streaming de pantalla a través de HTTP

Package Manager

A powerful application to manage your apps!

Mensajería SMS Simple - Mensajea fácilmente

Una forma fácil y rápida de enviar mensajes SMS y MMS sin anuncios.

Simple Clock - Una app multifuncional

Una combinación de reloj, alarma, temporizador y cronómetro


Fast & Secure VNC client for Android

Smart AutoClicker

Automating clicks based on what is displayed

Easer (beta)

User-defined explicit automation for Android

NoAd Battery Calibrator [ROOT]

Removes old battery configurations to fix software related issues

CIFS Documents Provider

Provides access to shared folders.

Discreet Launcher

Enjoy a clean home screen while accessing everything in an instant


Use the power of Magisk to de-bloat system applications systemless-ly

Simple Notes Pro

Una hermosa app para tomar notas rápidas sin anuncios o permisos raros.

Simple Dialer - Manage your phone calls easily

A handy phone call manager with phonebook, number blocking and multi-SIM support

Screenshot Tile [No root]

Rápidamente toma capturas de pantalla desde el menú de ajustes rápidos

APK Explorer & Editor

An open-source APK explorer/Editor & Split APK/App bundle Installer for Android!

Clipboard Cleaner

Compruebe y limpe su portapapeles


Example application using UnifiedPush library

Guileless Bopomofo Keyboard

A simple Bopomofo software keyboard (input method editor) for typing Hanyu

link eye

an app to view urls before open in corresponding app

Open TimeLimit

Simply limit the usage duration - free usage duration limitation

Flexibly limit the usage duration

SmartPack-Kernel Manager

The Ultimate Tool to Manage your Kernel!


Automate stuff on your device by creating rules.