(F-Droid) Kaltura Device Info

GSF, Widevine L1/2/3, Treble & A/B device infos (+other IDs)


Lanzador originalmente diseñado para el Fairphone 2


Delete/disable GApps

/r/Android App store

Download apps curated by /r/android

/system/app mover

Add and remove system apps

1010! Klooni

libGDX game based on 1010


Puzzle game


Try to reach 2048 in this puzzle game


A game loosely based on 2048, but with circles instead of squares


Simple arithmetic game

24h Analog Clock

Clock Widget

30C3 Schedule (Camp)

Schedule of the Chaos Communcation Events

32C3 Schedule (Congress)

Schedule of the Chaos Communcation Events

33c3 SCR

33C3 Horario Resolución de conflictos aka HalfNarp (Fahrplan anagrama)

33c3 Wifi Setup

Configurar su conexión a la 33C3 (33o Congreso Caos Comunicación) de la red para

35C3 Schedule

Schedule (aka Fahrplan) of the 35C3

35C3 Wifi Setup

Official NOC application for connecting to the 35C3 WiFi


Word puzzle game

A Photo Map

Gestiona fotos locales: Encontrar/Copiar/Editar-Exif y mostrar en Galería o Mapa

A Time Tracker

Easily start/stop time tracking for activities.

A2DP Volume

Manage Bluetooth functions

Aalener Optik-Formelrechner

quick and easy calculate a bunch of optical functions


Offline dictionary

Aard 2

Offline dictionary


AAT is a GPS-tracking application for tracking sportive activities, with emphasi


Bitcoin Core wrapper


Synchronize calendar with a CalDAV server

Acastus Photon

An online address/POI search for navigation apps


Accordion emulator for tablets

Acrylic Paint

Simple finger painting