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Protect your email inbox with a secure and open source solution by SimpleLogin
Novedades en la versión 1.4-fdroid
• Manage mailboxes: create/delete/make default a mailbox.
• Manage alias mailboxes: create alias with chosen mailboxes, modify alias's list of mailboxes at anytime.
• Ability to set/modify alias name.
Application features:

  • Manage aliases: create/edit/delete & enable/disable an alias.

  • Manage contacts: create contacts to send email from your aliases.

  • Manage mailboxes: create/delete/make default a mailbox.

  • Share extension: create alias without leaving your browser.

  • Secure login with Two Factor Authentication (2FA).

  • Support self-hosted: you can use this application with your own SimpleLogin instance.

And many more features in active development.


SimpleLogin is an open source solution to protect your email inbox. It allows you to create quickly a random email address (aka alias). All emails sent to an alias is forwarded to your personal email address. You can use the alias when subscribing to a newsletter, signing up for a new account, giving your email to someone you don't trust. Not only an alias can receive emails, it can also send emails. An alias is a full-fledged email address. Later if you can simply block or delete an alias if it's too spammy.

Why SimpleLogin?
When you give away your personal email online, there is a good chance that your email address would end up with a spammer or a hacker. SimpleLogin acts as a firewall for to protect your personal email inbox.

What distinguishes SimpleLogin:

  • Open-source and easy to self-host. The self-hosting is based on Docker and could be run on almost any Linux server. The hosting instruction is on our repository at https://github.com/simple-login/app

  • Powerful features if you have a domain (only available at premium plan).

  • Generous free plan: there's no cap on bandwidth or number of replies/sends. The Free Plan is enough for protecting your personal email. Premium Plan targets at more "advanced" users with features like custom domain, unlimited alias or catch-all alias.

  • Open Roadmap with exciting upcoming features: email directory, extension for Safari, mobile applications, etc. Feel free to check it out on https://trello.com/b/4d6A69I4/open-roadmap

  • Export your data: allows you to change the service provider if someday you decide to leave SimpleLogin.

Terms and conditions: https://simplelogin.io/terms/
Privacy policy: https://simplelogin.io/privacy/


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Descargar F-Droid
  • Versión 1.4-fdroid (5) sugerido Añadida el 2020-07-07

    Esta versión requiere Android 5.0 o superior.

    Compilada y firmada por F-Droid, y garantizada su correspondencia con este paquete de fuentes.

    • tener acceso completo a la red
      Permite que la aplicación cree sockets de red y utilice protocolos de red personalizados. El navegador y otras aplicaciones proporcionan los medios necesarios para el envío de datos a Internet, por lo que no hace falta utilizar este permiso para eso.

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