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Módulo Xposed que añade Stetho a cada app
This is a Xposed Module that enables Stetho for every application on your
phone. All Stetho functions are given besides Network Monitoring. For this
however I highly recommend using mitmproxy or tcpdump and Wireshark.

This Module can be used for Reverse Engineering. Especially the Layout Preview
is very useful. Please also take a look at Inspackage since this will add even
more functions for this purpose.

ATTENTION:Never leave this Module enabled or installed on day to day use. THIS
IS A SECURITY RISK. Only enable this for Development.


Aunque las descargas APK estén disponibles abajo para tu elección, deberías saber que al instalar de este modo no recibirás notificaciones de actualizaciones, y que es una forma de descarga menos segura. Recomendamos que instales y uses el cliente de F-Droid.

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