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    I have submitted a new application to main F-Droid repository (via GitLab merge request) and got approved. But I found that half a day later, the application is still not searchable from main F-Droid repository’s web interface; though bot flagged my application build on the Wiki as success.

    As I actually meant to use F-Droid as a primary channel for providing binaries, I would like to know more about the main F-Droid server/repository configuration (at, and what to expect in the term of response time:

    1. After a new application metadata is added to fdroiddata GitLab repository, how long it usually takes to make a new application appear in main F-Droid repository and its web interface?
    2. Does the process of adding new application (from newly-merged fdroiddata GitLab tree) to main F-Droid build server require manual intervention?
    3. How often each application’s upstream is checked for update? For example, if a new version tag appeared on upstream VCS, how long the main F-Droid build server takes to notice the change?
    4. Once upstream update is detected, how long it usually takes before the new version appear in main F-Droid repository and its web interface? And does this process require manual intervention/approval?

    All of this assumes there are no toolchain, licensing, or policy compliance issue preventing the build from being made or distributed.

    Thanks in advance.



    1. one or two days
    2. once an app is added to fdroiddata.git, the rest of the process is automatic, at least in terms of new apps being added. There are some manually run steps there, but they are more or less transparent to the submitters.
    3. the builds are run daily, unless there is a problem
    4. about a day, it can be done manually or automatically based on git tags



    Okay, thanks.
    Should this be documented on the Wiki too?
    (If so, I will write them as a new “Inclusion Process” page)



    yes, please do document things on the wiki, you don’t need to ask in advance 🙂 Its a wiki so people can just edit it.



    I have now documented some parts of the process on the Wiki:

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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