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    Coffice is a port of parts of the Calligra Suite to Android.
    Details are at:
    License: LGPLv2
    Packages at Google Play:
    Same Packages on my local mirror:
    This is the very first release. It lives in an own branch in the Calligra repository, its needed to apply a patch that is in the repository (instructions are at the details link posted above) and its needed to install Necessitas SDK which ships with Qt+QtCreator to build the package.
    Currently I did not branch or tag for a/the release. That is so cause I don’t think its in a branch/tag state and my plan is to work towards either merging it into Calligra master and then go with the release-scheme Calligra itself uses or to make own release tags/branches. I know that “we never ever build from master” what is why I post this request a day later then I did post my blog and the Google Play entry. Anyhow, I am offering here the same package that is available at Google Play, instructions how to build and commitment to fullfit that requirement for a tag/branch scheme. Its just not there yet. Up to you what you make out of it 🙂
    Depending on your decision I would either post similar posts for newer releases including apk-packages or would start doing so once the tag/branch thing is solved.
    Thanks for the fantastic work!


    This is outstanding good! It works also well with the F-Droid version of Ministro. A few minor things could maybe changed in next version:
    At least a minor editing function that allows to change some text.

    A bigger file selection would make it easier to pick the right document.

    I’m sure your app can handle more than odt, e.g. txt…so please remove the filter for other file types.



    Aloha. Thanks for posting the apks. Unfortunately we only support Google Android SDK as well as little hacks such as compiling programs and using Debian make, cmake etc. We looked into Necessitas briefly and the the URLs for obtaining it via terminal have been posted in another topic, but we don’t support it yet. But please, continue to keep us posted.



    I just released Version 1.2 on Google Play.

    Signed APK and screenshots are available at:
    Code at: (Version 1.2 is revision 3ab529a1 ).

    Thanks for the feedback! re:


    At least a minor editing function that allows to change some text.

    Agreed. Its on my todo but there are currently something like 101 items before that item. Its planed.

    A bigger file selection would make it easier to pick the right document.

    I am not sure if I understand that point. In the “File Open” file-browser the item’s should be more height? Anyhow, the just released Version 1.2 introduces lots of changes including UI-rework and proepr Android integration making it possible to use your favorite filemanager and just open a ODT from there. Coffice will then be offered as choice to open that file with.

    I’m sure your app can handle more than odt, e.g. txt…so please remove the filter for other file types.

    Not at the moment. While all the code is there to support txt, rtf, doc, docx, etc pp its not integrated into Coffice now. Its on my todo and will come more sooner then later.

    Or is the suggestion to just always display all files in taht file-browser also those that cannot be opened with Coffice but e.g. use different colors or icons to show that difference?


    Unfortunately we only support Google Android SDK

    That is for building the APK yourself? If that, build yourself, is a requirement and the existing APK cannot be used while building yourself isn’t possible then nothing I can do about I fear :/

    but we don’t support it yet

    Ping @fabian Rodriguez 🙂 Its 5 minutes work. Download+Install+Setup  – guess we spend more time exchanging mails, no? Also FYI: Unlike Skia (what you support) Qt and Necessitas are LGPL, supported and driven forward by the open and FLOSS Qt+KDE communities. If supporting FLOSS is a goal here is a possibility!

    But please, continue to keep us posted.

    The current *plan* (means subject to change) is to make Coffice in near future, guesstimate is within next few months, part of Calligra, means a real official Calligra flavor. Then the release, packaging, signing will be done by the KDE Calligra community. An official KDE Google Play account may then be used to publish the APK. As I wrote its work in progress and while I keep on to publish regular new releases using my build-setup and signing key that’s going to change sooner or later so the plan. We will see. Meanwhile find the newest APK at the link above.

    Anyhow, the very same problem then exist for a few other things I ported to Android. The issue really needs to be solved on your side imho. Why is it not possible to contribute APK’s like I am able to contribute deb’s to debian or rpm’s to suse? That has the effect that Google Play seems to be a way more open publishing platform (hey, the APK is at Google Play but doesn’t make it to F-Droid?) what is a bit shocking isn’t it?



    The direction for is to include only apps we build ourselves. But, if you set up your own apk repo on a web server (see, we will probably add that as a default/optional repo in the client. So, your apks wouldn’t be available on the website here, just through the client.



    Calligra is in development although it’s not as sufficiently funded as it would deserve. In particular contributors apparently cannot afford spending time also on posts. Of forums. Help is welcome here – we’re all together. is mostly for announcements and top-level messages like that. There are other forms of contact:, the most close to developers is the mailing list.

    Where’s the Android port? I can’t find it!

    I also ranted the following, it’s awaiting moderation (maybe they will never put it in public haha).

    Why not merge common efforts with LibreOffice? They aren’t the enemy, both Gnome and KDE related projects should learn that and colaborate on bigger common goals.

    That’s why you are underfunded, because you only want your *OWN* cathedral with your *OWN* set of APIs (kde and Qt ones).

    This is a very promising project with concepts and features better than LibreOffice, but poisoned to death because inproper management to get better funding.

    KDE are the kings of vaporware and stuff that never ships: Lots of code for nothing!
    Gnome ship, but they ship crap.

    What will FOSS ecosystem is going to to so solve this stupid situation?

    Kind regards.

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