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    Access all your contact information (GAL) from your Exchange server.

    Want to lookup your colleague’s information in Exchange but find your Android phone lacking?

    Unfortunately the Global Address List (GAL) lookup currently available in Android is limited in functionality. It only looks up email addresses and does not return anything more. This could be frustrating when you are trying to use your phone to look up your colleague’s phone number or office location.

    This application looks up the GAL contact database, and returns ALL data corresponding to the contact that is available on the server. It also allows you to save the contact information retrieved to your phone for easy access.

    This app supports GAL lookups on
    – Exchange 2003
    – Exchange 2007
    – Exchange 2010
    – Google Apps for Business / Education
    – Zimbra

    License: Apache 2.0
    Source and apk:

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