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    Some Apps on F-Droid are not compatible with my device (Fairphone 1U, FP OS 1.8.2 beta [based on Android 4.2.2]) as they require “4.3 or later”, “android.hardware.nfc”, “android.hardware.sensor.barometer”, “org.cyanogenmod.theme” or “android.hardware.bluetooth_le”.
    And then there are many other Apps that I can’t get to function on my device.
    Now my question is: Would it help (e.g. other F-Droid users with a FP1U) if i reported here wich apps are not working on my device, or is the device compatibility something the F-Droid App determines automaticlly based on the hardware configurations and OS of the device?



    Basic compatibility checks are done automatically, like which android version is required, if it’s an x86 or arm build etc. I don’t know if we have the possibility to flag apps for devices, or even if we can identify/distinguish Fairphones from “regular” android devices.

    Did you found an app that was not marked as not available for your device (e.g. not greyed out) in FDroid, but refused to install/work?

    … also note: Every reported app should always be reported to upstream as well, since they can fix compatibility issues. Be sure to check out their “original” builds first, to make sure this is not an issue only with the fdroid build.


    Sorry for the late answer.
    Yes there are Apps that are not greyed out but won’t work on my device.

    E.G. there is µg UnifiedNlp (for GAPPS-free devices). Version 1.1.3 is not greyed out and it will install but doesn’t work. On the Projects github site ther is a Legacy Build that will work though.
    Then there is SnoopSnitch. All Versions can be downloaded and installed with my Fairphone, wich is neither on their list of supported nor unsupported devices, but when I try to open the App it says: Device is not supported.

    So I don’t know. Should I report that Apps like that don’t work on my device or is that not helpful at all?
    Oh and what is upstream?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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