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    https://github.com/joelpet/android_DropBearServer/wiki :

    This fork was created to provide an SFTP capable version of DropBear SSH Server. That required new DropBear binaries to be built, including the new sftp-server executable. Building the DropBear server from source also had the bonus effect of eliminating the need for running unknown binaries.

    License: GPLv2+ — https://github.com/joelpet/android_DropBearServer#license

    As I’ve explained in http://f-droid.org/forums/topic/droidsshd/#post-3082 , the binaries are built from a Git submodule of the project.

    I hope this app can build and install on Android earlier than 3.2 (which is the requirement for another submitted frontend to an SSH server — http://f-droid.org/forums/topic/sshelper/#post-1992 ).



    It’s a pity that this app doesn’t work without root access (as of now, 2012-08-16), whereas some other SSH server apps for Android work without root — http://android.stackexchange.com/a/9906/13117 (they just need to bind to an unprivileged port, like 2222).

    (I’ve tested the original one, not the fork, because I haven’t built binaries for the fork.)

    Reported this issue: https://github.com/shkschneider/android_DropBearServer/issues/4

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    Joelpet should give the app a different package id to avoid confusion with the dropbear you’ve just mentioned, which is already in the data repo (disabled for now). Maybe it is not his intention to release the app, but we may do.



    This is not an application, it’s just someone’s proposed changes to an existing one in a github fork. It has no package ID of its own, no releases, no support, etc. We can’t include it unless it becomes a true fork, i.e. a package in its own right with a package ID of its own, and it’s own releases, version numbering, etc.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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