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    A while back I managed, somehow, to get my Google Search widget to permanently look like DuckDuckGo Search on the homescreen. I’ve been unable to reproduce it since, on any device including this one.

    Has anyone else managed this? Know how it’s done? I’d like my search widget not to say Google 😉


    Bunch Oh Vee


    Instead permanently neuter google apps (improved battery life, lower bandwidth, and more) or install a rom freed-from google tentacles. Then rely on duckduckGo or other services not requiring you to whore your privacy for payment of “free” stuff. (also grab AdAway & AfWall+)

    shhhhh: neither contacts nor calendar require a google accont for internets functionality. With F-Droid a sane person won’t miss google’s predator’s play (adware is malware); you are still capable of buying commerical apps.

    On a previous android phone I really enjoyed the MIUI rom 🙂 If nothing else their call filter app will make you curse the asop defaults. Since cyanogenmod devs refused to integrate USER data spoofing to protect the USER from the adware variety of malware I’ve never again considered cyanogenmod an option — thankfully pdroid came along and most recently XPosed and XPrivacy to replace its stagnation from donation dearth.





    Because I want my search widget to not default to Google. Didn’t I make that clear? I’m still curious about how I managed to get the widget to say “DuckDuckGo” once, while in all other instances it stays defaulted to Google. It was beautiful for that time. Also, as far as I know the AOSP search app/widget has been abandoned by Google, and if it’s got released source code, what’s wrong with it?

    As for all that other stuff, I use free and open-source apps exclusively, and even though my phone was a tough nut for me to crack, I’ve started installing custom operating systems (ROMs) on it. Replicant doesn’t support it, but there are several good-sounding ROMs available. I’ve never used Calendar and I always import my contacts from SIM card or my computer’s mail database.

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    Bunch Oh Vee: this is off the original topic, but I’ve been using custom roms on my Wildfire S for some time now, since after you mentioned it. I was going to try MIUI, but the installer has some error and won’t go. I had used Cyanogenmod 7.2 at first, but I’ve had to settle on AOKP since the CM rom I had used did not have some radios or accelerometers.

    I still haven’t gotten the search widget to say “DuckDuckGo” again. The DuckDuckGo search provider app (previously the only one on F-Droid) even stopped working recently: it would pop up a webpage but it would never display anything.

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