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    So I just got pinged because somebody did upload FDroid to the Jolla Store. As the description says, it’s not us who did it, but a company called LibreTrend. They claim to have ported FDroid, but since Sailfish does have an Android compat layer, it’s actually just a copy of our APK (sha1sum did match). I don’t know if this will stay this way or if they plan to add Jolla-specific stuff (like a compatibility list?) etc.

    [0] https://twitter.com/LibreTrend
    [1] https://www.libretrend.com/
    [2] http://zeitgeist.li/asset/201503/zg.ou3a.png
    [3] http://zeitgeist.li/asset/201503/zg.npnn.jpeg

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    It seems a little dodgey that they claimed they “ported” it when they just posted the official APK. I wonder if this violates the terms of the Jolla Store? I think most app stores don’t allow other app stores.



    Since I don’t have a Jolla phone nor do I have access to the store, I actually don’t know. I think Jolla is very liberal, they might even only include gratis or even only free apps.

    I myself don’t have anything against being listed there, no matter if they use official binaries, rebuild and resign them (jus tlike we do with most apps ;)) or have a modified/alternative client. However, they should make it clear, that we are not related to them.

    I hope they will not only publish any future changes, but contribute actively to fdroidclient. Do Jolla devices check signatures? If so any other way will be a painful experience. Also: Since fdroidclient is present in the fdroid repo, it will offer our binary as update to the one they ship (if they don’t try to get ahead of our VC)…

    Well, I like being there, but it would have been nice if they had talked to us first. But we don’t do this for apps, so why should they do it…



    I find this quite cool indeed -I suspect Jolla are in dire need of native apps… Let’s hope our installer will work properly there…



    Hello Everyone,

    My name is Luis Da Costa, I’m the CEO of LibreTrend. I didn’t know that this post exists, so now that I’ve found it I prefer to clarify everything myself.

    1 – Q : About the “ported or not ported” question :
    A : It is true that this application wasn’t “ported” in the “code” side of the question, but rather “ported” in the “store” part of the question. The APK published on the Jolla Store is the same that we can found on FDroid website, nothing added, nothing removed. We can use another term for it, but honestly I don’t see what kind of word.

    2 – Q : Our idea before porting FDroid to Jolla
    A : I personally searched a contact, but since I couldn’t find one and since it is Free Software (as in Free Speech) I was using my 4 Freedoms provided by the License in order to publish the Software. Indeed I didn’t contacted anyone, neither in my name neither on the LibreTrend’s name, and with this in mind I’ll ask if you agree to keep the application in the Jolla Store ? This is only an ethical authorization, because, as you know, I don’t “need” any specifical right to uplad the application as it is IF there is a respect for the original license (which there is). But yet, if you ask me to remove it from the Jolla Store I’ll remove it without hesitation.

    Out first idea was to build a native Jolla Application which would “connect” to the same DB as FDroid (which would need further contact with the FDroid team). This native Jolla Application will look as aproximative to the Android App as possible, and yet provide only the FDroid application that where know to work perfectly on the Jolla Phone and Tablet. This work is still in progress, and until then we (I) decided to provide the official APK in order to enable a large group of Jolla Users to use and know FDroid.

    3 – Q : The rules and “liberality” of the Jolla Harbour Platform/Store
    A : I’ll be honest with you… they are NOT liberal at all. When I “ported” the FDroid app to Jolla it was suposed to be in the Store group, and it was for 2 hours, then it was removed. When I contacted the Jolla Harbour Team they’ve told me that only Partner Applications could be in that category. For me it was a battle half-lost, since they wasn’t recognizing “FDroid” as a store, but this is something which I (if you allow of course) am still wishing to battle and solve. Not only in the name of the FDroid team and work, but also in the name of the Free Software itself.

    Anyway, maybe I didn’t answer all the question, and maybe there was a lot of orthografical erros (sorry for that, we are based in Lisbon and I’m not good with english myself). If there is any question or request, either from anyone of the FDroid Team, either from anyone else from the community, please contact via this post or via email on my profissional email at luisdc@libretrend.com.

    We are not here to cause problems, we are here to promote Good Free Software, and since in my opinion FDroid is an excelent piece of Free Software I decided, in LibreTrend’s name, to promote it in the Jolla Store.

    Best Regards,
    Luis Da Costa



    I can’t think of any reason to ask you to remove it. And thanks for stopping by to explain things.

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