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    License: MPL2



    Issue Tracker:

    Source Code:


    Mozilla’s beta version of the Firefox mobile web browser.

    Firefox Beta contains new features and changes that are ready for widespread testing before we include them in the next official Firefox release. You can install both Firefox and Firefox Beta at the same time if you want to use both versions.

    Telemetry is an optional Firefox feature enabled by default that collects valuable engineering data about the browsing experience in order to make Firefox perform better. Telemetry measures and collects browser data such as performance, hardware, usage and customizations. This data, used in aggregate, allows Mozilla to identify new issues and regressions, obtain more specific information about problem areas in the browser, and, as a result, provide a better browsing experience.


    • Non-free Addons: The license of the addons/modules on may be seen in the version notes of the addon and often the license is Custom or other non-free. However there is no such license info for most apps from the marketplace.
    • Tracking: Stats are sent back regularly to the developers, but that can be disabled via settings.


    Firefox is currently not build from source, so no point in adding another binary blob. Also note that some of the “new” features require play-services. This is one of the reasons why I want to switch to a source build, stripped Firefox/Fennec build with Fx35 (prior to this the play-services cannot be stripped). If we continue to ship Firefox, I might switch the source-build version to beta release.. but first things first: I had a working build with prior Fx builds, but wont return to work on it until Fx35.



    Thank you for the detailed response, I didn’t expect this to happen overnight. For those wondering when Fx35 would be out, there is a roadmap detailing such information.

    some of the “new” features require play-services.

    Could you briefly mention which ones?






    It would be nice to have Firefox Beta on F-Droid as well



    I will focus on getting the release builds to a clean an maintainable state first. For now use betas from upstream instead. Since betas are meant to test and report issues, I’d rather not swamp Moz with issues related to our modifications.



    Since we already include a binary from Mozilla Firefox, I don’t see the harm of including the Beta version as well. FDroid is already trusting Mozilla as an organization. Plus it could help drive people to use FDroid.

    I know that building Fennec is a major undertaking, but I think we also need to consider the issue of generating a signing key. Mozilla is an organization that has more resources for securely managing signing keys than Having an app with APKs signed by different keys makes things more insecure, since users can easily get errors related to conflicting keys.

    On a related note, it would be good to get listed as an option here:



    Actually, the plan was to remove Firefox from the repo rather than adding another binary. I don’t agree with Ciaran that this will be anytime “soon” since I would like to have an alternative ready to smooth the transition. E.g. I’d like to have a separate binary repo that serves Firefox and a way to push news to existing users (of fdroid and a specific app). Another option would be to more prominently mark Firefox as binary… or even have the option to flag apps (and single builds)…



    Any news?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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