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    I installed the IcaCatMobile 38.7.1 from F-Droid, but it can not sign in to Sync



    FYI, 38.6.0 syncs just fine. It’s in Archives.


    Are you sure? Because I installed 38.6.0 from F-Droid Archive and It fails on Signing in to Sync, too.



    Did you create a new account or signed in? I signed in without any trouble.
    As a last resort, try to delete data, then sign in the clear IceCat.
    Also check that the password is right on any other (desktop) Firefox.



    Same issue “server busy, try again soon”.
    No prob with Firefox, Aurora, Fennec Firefox.


    Firefox help says in order to sign in to sync, user should have the latest version of Firefox, which is Firefox-ESR 45.0.2 now. This may be the reason of not being able to sync.



    Iirc they changed the sync server and so it does only work with older sever versions (read: no the official one).. however, I might be completely wrong on this.



    @ krt:

    its true…. sniffed the traffic with wireshark and got many forbidden errors…useung orginal ff same config it works…. maybe add the pale moon sync server like is suggested here



    No way! Remember that switching Sync server shall damage all the existing users. Also according to the discussion you sent, the Pale Moon Sync owner is strongly negative about things like this.
    If you experience Sync problems, ask upstream (Ice Cat developers) for help.
    I’ll test newer version soon and drop results here.



    While I tend to experiment with Fennec, IceCat is a properly maintained upstream build. We try not to mess with it, so @ildar is right, you should take this directly to the IceCat devs.



    ok, got some time to test it.
    The problem appears when signing in with account user has already.
    The Error seen in the log is:
    > W/FxAccounts(13970): failed to connect to (port 443) after 30000ms

    I’m not sure why it happens but maybe because the server (namely responds as through SSL. The names do not correspond hence IceCat unable to connect.

    @krt, could you please fix it? I mean maybe simply replacing / might do the trick?

    Thanks in advance. BR.



    As I said, I dont maintain Icecat. either talk to IceCat devs or it’s maintainer for F-Droid (Manizuca).



    BTW, the bug reporting URL seems to be wrong: Mozilla’s bugzilla doesn’t know anything about IceCat.
    I found this:
    and this:
    The latter looks weird IMHO.


    I reported the issue in upstream bug tracker:


    IceCat Mobile 38.8.0 syncs flawlessly!

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