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    Wire is now open source (GPLv3):

    Please consider including it in f-droid.



    Unfortunately that’s not a small undertaking.

    See mvdan’s comment in the github issue:

    There are multiple blockers atm. The easiest way (without cooperation of upstream) to get wire into f-droid would be to fork it and to remove all proprietary deps, as well as fixing the other issues. Similarly to how its done for telegram.



    Upstream seems to be friendly and open to patches:

    It seems like they would maintain the Free version upstream if someone else can help them with the initial changes.



    I am posting a 50€ bounty for someone who creates a version of the Android Wire client that fully meets F-Droid’s criteria, i.e. no proprietary dependencies. Preferably the changes would also meet upstream’s criteria for integration into the official repository, e.g. via a Flavor or build flag or something like that.

    I can send the money via Paypal or WireTransfer/SEPA.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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