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    Does anybody know a FOSS application to download .apk packages from G.Market?
    In Google Play there are some GPL applitions not present in F-Droid, and I want to try a way to download them without registering to that company.



    No idea about any such application… but if the app is GPL and has no non-free dependencies, you can try submitting it here to make it available on F-Droid.



    There are websites like and such, but I wouldn’t recommend using them and don’t know of an app…


    Aptoide is an alternate app store with its own oss client app. It has the added benefit of comparing the hash of the G apk to the aptoide offered version using a simple three color system [green match, yellow beware, red oh noes [yellow plus detection]]. For the unlikely visually impaired who insists on the visual centric interweb each color has both a unique icon abs accompanying text.


    whole the aptoide client is OSS it is NOT-free in the classical sense [or right use of the word]: it is the costly ADWARE flavor of MALWARE. It is trivially neutered with a tool like lucky patcher [I adblock only], or MinMinGuard [XPosed Framework module], unbeloved hosts [xposed]; the first one prevents wasteful attempts to fetch ads whereas the others foil attempts.

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    Raccoon ( doesn’t reach anonymous access to GooglePlay but is Apache licesed and works for some downloads in GNU/Linux desktop.
    This is my current election.

    The other (googleplaydownloader) has some dependencies hard to be satisfied.



    Some site share fack apk app file , and this app harmful andorid device. I find some good site they always share best apk apps.
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    If you need more android app download site search google ” apk apps , android apk apps, games apk ” then you find your apk download site.

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    Member the best and reliable apk downloader, I always use this one to download apk games and applications




    I use this

    Only downloads “free” apps but other than that its works great!

    Edit: Apk is here —>

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    ApkDownloader from Jack Farrelly (jackpf & pylerSM) seems to fail execution in Cyanogenmod 12.1 (~Android 5.1.1)


    This works from your phone and makes it pretty convenient to install stuff from the play store. It requires a google account and a bit of tinkering to generate a proper android Id and getting it to work, however, as it’s a bit old and crashy. Not the best option if you care about staying anonymous/unregistered from google, even if using a dummy account (as you’ll need to fill in your carrier info and depending on what checkin client you use you will send your device specs to google), but beats shady sites that might modify the apks for all I know.
    The other, probably better option is building the app yourself, which probably isn’t even that hard. Oh, and consider adding it to the F-Droid repo.

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