Some apps are detected by both Play Store and F-Droid. Is this OK?

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    I’ve recently upgraded from a dumb-phone so pardon me if this is a noob question.

    So I had installed some open source apps (Firefox, VLC etc.) from the Play Store itself before I installed F-Droid. Now, F-Droid lists such apps in its Installed (Apps) section too. Is this OK? Are both the markets gonna try and update such apps and possibly cause conflicts? Is there a way I can prevent F-Droid from checking updates for such apps and letting only Play Store handle them?

    Thank you in advance.



    This is expected as long as unique package id is the same. In F-Droid, open the info page of an app in question, click on the 3-pointed menu and select to ignore all updates for this app.



    That is a pretty common scenario. Normally, you wouldn’t have to do anything, because:

    • F-Droid can’t automatically install updates, as it does not come with your phone from the factory.
    • Even when you manually install each update through F-Droid, the Android system won’t allow it, due to application’s mismatched certificate of origin. (Exception in this case is Firefox)
    • F-Droid won’t download application updates by default (unless you actually configured it to do so).

    Due to these facts (especially the first point), F-Droid won’t interfere with software which you originally installed via Google Play, including Firefox; unless you explicitly asked it to and walk through manual process for each application.

    But like @krt recommended, you can explicitly make F-Droid ignore them, by searching these applications inside F-Droid, open the application’s information page, tap menu button, then check “Ignore All Updates”; so that F-Droid won’t list or try to automatically download update for that certain application.

    Two downsides of not explicitly ignore those updates are:

    • These applications could pollute your “Updates” list inside F-Droid, even you can’t really install those updates.
    • If you manually enabled “Automatically download updates” setting in F-Droid, bandwidth and storage space might be wasted on downloading non-installable updates for those application.

    Note: My answer is based on F-Droid Client 0.101.



    Thank you both for the explanations! They cleared up my doubts.

    Oh, and have a happy new year!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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