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    The more I use and think about F-Droid, the more I value it and think that it is very important for Android eco-system at whole. It is a chance for Android handheld devices not to fall thru the same hole as Palm and WindowsMobile devices went – both had good, sometime amazing software, but everything went down the sink when platforms were abandoned.

    F-Droid is the chance to break that vicious cycle – to give people open-source software when it makes full sense to hack on it, and essentially build complete open-source handheld stack – from kernel up to applications for daily and advanced usage, which may truly redefine handheld industry and finally put user data and user needs in front of platform wars.

    With that in mind, it would be important to not waste time and gather momentum and user base (latter also leading to developer base).

    And that’s something almost every existing F-Droid user can help with, even if not a programmer or don’t have much time – just spread the word! Post about F-Droid on your PDA/phobe/Android forums, both international and local, write blog article, tell your friends about.

    For example, I recently posted an article about F-Droid on one of popular Russian-speaking IT portals – habrahabr.ru .



    There is a feature request for including f-droid into CM. give it a star. 😉



    I added mine. This is actually what I wondered about – if CyanogenMod has some package manager included, and are they aware of F-Droid. So, glad to see such issue ticket exists. By any chance, was there any other communication with CM on this matter, like forum posts, IRC talks to make sure their devs actually know about it, etc.?



    First of all the app developers should not link to android market but to f-droid:

    Links to the android market usally come as QR-codes that use proprietary URLs for the google market (‘market://’). F-Droid should offer an alternative that comes with comparable convenience.

    One could encode a URL like the following in the QR-Code:

    A user can use the URL to download and install FDroid.apk ignoring the URL parameters.
    The F-Droid client must be modified, so that it asks the user to rescan the QR-Code when the application is started for the first time. Users that already have an F-Droid client only have to scan the QR code once. However the scan must be initiated by the F-Droid client.

    (Integration with a Scanner app is discribed here:
    You can also ask the user to install a scanner app if necessary:

    F-Droid gets the URL from the scanner app and reads its get parameters. The user can now decide whether to use the proposed repository or install the application from the default repository.




    People are thinking about adding a “Market” to CyanogenMod.



    Ok, here we go, F-Droid on xda-developers: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1517684

    Let’s see if it survives there 😉



    Ok, thread is closed 😉



    Don’t know if anyone mentioned these:


    thanks to the work of Tovok7.


    I wrote about F-Droid on my company’s blog:



    Could someone git-fork and create an F-Droid-included CyanogenMod branch?
    – Makes it easy for CM developers to merge, thus raising the probability that the merge happens.
    – Let us discover and solve any incompatibility or problem we might not have discovered yet.
    – Get used to CM’s Git/Gerrit/workflows, making us in a more comfortable position to influence CM’s process.



    Well, CyanogenMod stuff should probably go into separate thread…

    It would be pretty easy to make f-droid client be AOSP build system compatible, just drop an Android.mk into, see for example 0xbench (which should be added to f-droid btw): https://gitorious.org/0xbench/0xbench/trees/master . I would hope that CiaranG just accept such Android.mk, so there’s no need to maintain a fork. Then, just need to add the f-droid client to manifest. The most boring thing would be to test that.



    There already is such an Android.mk in place (https://gitorious.org/f-droid/fdroidclient/blobs/master/Android.mk) – it’s used by Replicant. However, the most boring thing isn’t testing it, it’s discovering that the application is baked into Android as a System app, and the only way to upgrade it (or even remove it) is by finding and deleting the apk file via a root shell.



    Weird, I though that was some mechanism to tell “system” apk’s from “usual” ones, like “LOCAL_MODULE_TAGS := optional” which 0xbench Android.ml had, and your didn’t. But looking closely at some builds, I saw that indeed *all* apks go to straight to /system/app, and none into “userdata” image generated. Weird.

    Anyway, as we continue talking about CM and stuff here, my interest would be exactly the opposite of what was suggested – not add F-Droid to monolithic, non-upgradable, non-scalable blob releases, but add standard AOSP applications to F-Droid. After that, someone should just exclaim: “Hey, that whole “Android” thing is nothing but a thin shim of javaish libs, between Linux kernel below and application packages above. We don’t need those ridiculous monolithic projects, let’s just apt-get install it in the combinations we like!”



    Folks who starred aforementioned https://code.google.com/p/cyanogenmod/issues/detail?id=3789 ticket in CyanogenMod, know that the bug was recently marked as stale due to no activity, heading for closure. They call for “patches” to reopen it, supposedly one can be adding an F-Droid client to their build manifest, to be included in their builds. If someone has time and desire, this would be good opportunity to not lose this chance!

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