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    The last new son this front.. One of the devels closed down the bug with the following comment:
    “This is not a bug tracker issue. This is something that needs to be discussed directly with CM. I’m closing this issue and inviting the people that run these FOSS app stores to contact me directly. I prefer that the people that actually run the app stores contact me. And only if they wish to actually work with us.

    They can contact me on the devrel email address (devrel@cyanogenmod.com) or my cm address (jeagoss@cyanogenmod.com).”

    Subsequently I wrote an email to admin@f-droid.org (cc’ing the above devel), but didn’t get any reply from the F-Droid devels. Essentially, ‘jeagoss’ would like to get contacted by the admins of F-Droid.

    CiaranG, are you interested in this? Are there other key members that could pursue this? My view is that inclusion of F-Droid into a ROM such as CM would instantly raise the profile of the repo, which can only be positive for the project.



    Apologies for not replying to that email – I got a mailbox full of them (as well as the notification from the CM bug tracker) and didn’t have time to respond to them all. To be honest, I’m not convinced it’s a good idea, and I suspect the CM devs don’t think it is either. I’ve yet to find anybody else that agrees with me on that though, and I might be completely wrong about both of those things, which is why Torsten Grote (Tovok7 on here) is dealing with this and talking to them direct on behalf of the project. When there’s any news, I’m sure it will be posted here.



    Thanks for letting us know. I’m wondering, though, why you would be sceptical about F-Droid’s inclusion in CM?



    The issue #3789 at code.google.com is since gone.

    Perhaps it’s time to re-open the issue at https://jira.cyanogenmod.org/?




    I think, including f-droid instead of gplay would make that rom
    die. Or it must be additional. My experience is, that privacy is
    not wanted by the mass. They want gplay, they want whatsapp, and
    they want all the apps and games, that spy you out.
    I like cyanogenmod, but they also recommend gplay. The only reason,
    why they don’t ship gplay is a licence question. They are not
    interested in using free software only. Only replicant does.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)

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