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    This for sure looks interesting, there’s even sign that native binaries are built from source ;-).



    I would really love that,, one problem is that it requires Android 3.2 API so it won’t work for many people unless that can be fixed easily.


    For those who have Android < 3.2, perhaps, another submitted SSH server frontend will turn out to be a working solution: .


    (Retagging this thread correctly.)



    Source in an archive.


    What does “Source in an archive” mean?

    Has the submission been declined? Why? What should be improved?



    We only accept source in git,svn,hg,srclib,bzr for the moment.



    Hi. I would also love to see SSHelper (and the author’s other Android apps at appear in F-Droid. Has anyone tried contacting him to see if he would be happy to setup git repositories? I’m happy to do so if no-one else has.



    SSHelper is copyright 2011, P. lutus. Its home page is

    * SSHelper is an ssh/sftp/scp/rsync server utility for ARM-powered devices running Android.
    * SSHelper is compatible with Android version 11 and later and is targeted for version 13.
    * SSHelper has been tested primarily on a Motorola Xoom and works as intended on various devices down to a 320×480 display size typical of small Android phones.
    * SSHelper is meant primarily for WiFi-equipped devices but will work with any available network connection.
    * SSHelper runs as an application or as a background service to minimize resource use.
    * SSHelper is avaialble as an installation-ready APK file, plus a source archive (this archive).
    * SSHelper is licensed under the GPL:

    Build instructions:

    * Create an Eclipse project and import the source from this directory.

    * Missing from this archive, solely to reduce download size, are the following source packages:

    1. dropbear-0.53.1, available at
    2. openssh-5.9p1, available at
    3. openssl-1.0.0e, available at
    4. busybox-1.19.2, available at
    5. rsync-3.0.9, available at
    6. The free version of the CodeSourcery ARM cross-compiler, available at Choose your platform and other requirements.

    * Item (1) in the above list was modified extensively, the changes are provided as patch file dropbear.patch solely to reduce download size.

    * Item (2) in the above list was modified slightly, the changes are provided as patch file sftp-server.patch solely to reduce download size.

    * Item (3) in the above list is linked to item (2) and has no other role.

    * The remainder of the packages were compiled from source unchanged.

    * Each binary was then gzipped, renamed and placed in the source tree as shown here:


    All the above packages were cross-compled to run on the ARM platform and statically linked. Dropbear was compiled using the static and multi-binary flags (STATIC=1 MULTI=1) to create a single, unified binary of all its components. OpenSSH was compiled as separate components and only the sftp-server component was used.

    Once the ARM binaries are prepared and located as described above, the compilation shouild be uneventful.



    Binaries could be built with NDK. Unless we ever support cross compilation.



    I am also interested in SSHelper.



    I’ve been using it with the APK, works good other than some minor issues.

    Thanks for F-droid guys, good work.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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