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    Source code
    Build instructions are shown here: https://github.com/tutao/tutanota#building-and-running-your-own-tutanota-android-app

    Overall: https://github.com/tutao/tutanota/blob/master/LICENSE.txt
    Third party: https://github.com/tutao/tutanota/blob/master/third-party.txt

    Summary: Tutanota enables you to send end-to-end encrypted emails to anybody with a tip of your finger.

    Even emails that are being sent without end-to-end encryption and all your contacts are stored encrypted on the Tutanota servers. Only you with your password have access to your encrypted data, profiling is impossible. Tutanota combines security with ease-of-use so that everybody can use end-to-end encryption. Now you can take back your privacy easily!

    – Register your @tutanota.de email address with 1 GB of free storage.
    – Send and receive end-to-end encrypted emails to anybody, to other Tutanota users automatically and to external users secured with a password.
    – Send and receive old-fashioned emails (not end-to-end encrypted). Even these emails are stored encrypted on the Tutanota servers.
    – Subject, content and attachments are automatically encrypted.
    – Supports push notifications when receiving new emails.
    – Auto-complete contact names as you type from your Tutanota or your phone contacts.
    – Tutanota is open source so that anyone can verify its security by auditing the code.
    – We are working hard on adding new features. Next up: folders, sync between browsers/mobile devices, ‘share to’ option for easy file attachment.

    The Tutanota app asks for very few permissions to keep your level of privacy to a maximum:
    – Full network access: Used to send and receive emails.
    – Receive data from the internet: To notify you when you receive a new email.
    – View network connections: To find out if an internet connection exists.
    – Read your contacts: This enables you to select recipients from your phone’s contacts.
    – Read from SD card: To allow adding of attachments from the SD card to emails.
    – Control vibration: To notify you when you receive a new email.
    – Deactivate sleeping mode: To notify you when you receive a new email.

    Source code: https://github.com/tutao/tutanota

    Issue Tracker and Donations
    Issue and feature tracker: https://tutanota.uservoice.com/forums/237921-general
    Donation possibilities are coming soon.

    New releases are tagged in github (https://github.com/tutao/tutanota/releases) with the prefix “tutanota-android-release-“.



    Currently Cordova builds are still a hazzle to build. I’ll merge in working builds, but I, myself, will wait until the BS provides a more convenient way to deal with it.



    Hi krt,

    too bad that Cordova builds are not supported in a convenient way. Does this mean we have to find someone who can create an F-Droid build script and then you will include it?

    (Tutanota developer)



    I too would like to see Tutanota on F-Droid. Why is cordova a hazzle on F-Droid? I found the build instructions to be very succint.



    Mainly because none of us is a web developer. We don’t know what all those nodejs/iojs/npm/bower/grunt/cordova/… stuff is doing. Where do they pull dependencies from? Are those depency floss? If they are, contain they binaries? Can they be installed as a user? Is the version in Debian “recent” enough? Etc. None of those should be a showstopper, most are easy as frack for sure, but it requires someone interested in both, Android and web dev to actually put it together.



    @tutao (Arne)
    No more news about this?!



    We currently do not have enough time to work on the F-Droid submission / cordova problem. But we would be happy if someone from the Tutanota community could take over.

    (Tutanota developer)

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