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    QuickDic can still be installed via F-Droid but it is not possible to download dictionaries. Error “Download failed: null”

    The app also vanished from Google PlayStore:
    and it seems as if it was removed intentionally:

    Will there be a replacement?



    I don’t know what happened to it, but I rescued/restored it as far as possible: https://github.com/rdoeffinger/Dictionary
    Someone would need to update the fdroid configuration to build that version though (e.g. the 5.0.7 version), I’m afraid I don’t have time to learn how to do this.
    The build system is replaced and uses gradle now.
    As a stop-gap measure it is also possible to just manually download the dictionaries from here: https://github.com/rdoeffinger/Dictionary/releases/tag/v0.2-dictionaries



    Thanks for this work, Reimar!
    It would be great to have the resurrected project be included in F-Droid.



    As a stop-gap measure it is also possible to just manually download the dictionaries from here: https://github.com/rdoeffinger/Dictionary/releases/tag/v0.2-dictionaries

    Could someone put this in the description or the link-section of the app?
    So normal use could easily find where to download the dictionaries



    I got some help on creating a F-droid build file: https://github.com/rdoeffinger/Dictionary/issues/5
    Combined lack of experience with gradle, git and F-droid from my side makes it a bit messier than it should be I guess.



    What is the difference between EN-DE and DE-EN? Shoudn’t that be the same (in size and content)?
    Both contains translations in both directions, but sizes are so different …

    A wish for the future would be, that the folder for the dics can be selected by browsing, not just by typing. Thanks for this great tool!

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    Hello guys,

    I’ve got a problem with my INKBOOK ebook reader, which has dictionaries based on QuickDic. I need an English to English dictionary, as the one I’ve found among the links above isn’t working. What I mean is that all those bilingual dictionaries are based on two columns layout, whereas in EN dictionary you need to press on a given word. It seems that my INKBOOK simply copies the content from the second column and that’s why with EN-EN dictionary it only shows the word I’m trying to explain, not the full definition.

    Any fixes for that?



    DE-EN is just the old dictionary, EN-DE is the newer one (order changed from alphabetical to primary-wikitionary-source first).
    There is a issue open on github on making storage directory selection more user-friendly.
    Generally, please consider putting issues/feature requests and possibly even questions about the project itself on github, this forum doesn’t work very well for that and I think it’s also kind of off-topic here.

    @macu88: sounds like the problem is that there is only a “EN” dictionary, not “EN-EN” so to say.
    I don’t think there’s an easy way to get what you want currently.
    Does that ebook reader even support the v7 dictionaries at all? Because – at least for now – I completely dropped support for generating v6 dictionaries, and the ebook reader I have for example doesn’t support the new ones (the joy of companies forking projects without actually having the manpower to do even basic maintenance or communicating with upstream at all, I wonder how many of these might be exploitable via the Java deserialization issues the old version had…).

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