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Application sans fioritures pour prendre des notes
A simple, bare-bones, no-frills note taking app.


* Quickly create and save plain-text notes
* Optionally create rich-text notes using Markdown or HTML (Android 5.0+)
* Beautiful, easy-to-use UI with Material Design elements
* Dual-pane view for tablets
* Share notes to and receive text from other apps
* Auto-saves drafts
* View Mode for notes with clickable links
* Sort notes by date or by name
* Keyboard shortcuts for common actions (see below)
* Integration with Google Now "note to self"
* Import and export notes to external storage (Android 4.4+)
* Zero permissions and absolutely zero ads
* Open-source

Keyboard shortcuts:

* Search+M: launch Notepad from any application
* Ctrl+N: New Note
* Ctrl+E: Edit Note
* Ctrl+S: Save
* Ctrl+D: Delete
* Ctrl+H: Share


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