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BeHe Keyboard

Hacking & programming keyboard with material design

With BeHe Keyboard you can enjoy programming and using special keys (such as CTRL and ALT) on your android device without forgetting the design. You can switch between keyboard faces with a simple press of a button, so it’s easy to use BeHe Keyboard as your main keyboard. The app features three keyboard faces (QWERTY, so you can use it for regular typing, Arrow Keys, so you can use it in the terminal, and Programming for, well, programming). There are multiple themes for the app with more to be added in the future. You can also select which keyboard to display first.


Bien que le téléchargement d’APK soit proposé ci-dessous pour vous donner le choix, sachez qu’avec une telle installation, les mises à jour ne vous seront pas signalées et que cette manière de télécharger est moins sûre. Nous vous recommandons d’installer le client F-Droid et de l’utiliser.

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