Flexible Wallpaper

Use images with any aspect ratio as a wallpaper

Live wallpaper that allows you to use images with any aspect ratio as a wallpaper, instead of being limited to Android's wallpaper requirements. Images will scroll all the way from one end to another as you move between home screens. Images with a taller aspect ratio than your screen will scroll vertically.


Images are loaded at their original resolution, and large images may cause the app to run out of memory and crash. Consider reducing the size of large images.

Some launchers don't scroll the wallpaper all the way to the end when there are only a few screens. This is an issue with the launcher itself and there is nothing that I can do about it.


Vous pouvez installer l'application en téléchargeant l'un des fichiers APK ci-dessous. Sachez que dans ce cas, vous ne serez pas notifiés lorsque des mises à jour de l'application seront disponibles. Vous pouvez aussi installer cette application en utilisant le client F-Droid.

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